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Pet services for dogs and cats

Animaly is a website created for pets and their owners, offering them easy access to a wide range of specialists.

We have created this site to build a community of professionals providing pet services and allowing owners to book appointments nearby in the easiest way possible.

Our mission and vision is to build awareness of proper pet care.

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Space for professionals

Animaly is also a space for professionals providing comprehensive pet services.

Awareness of pet care and health is growing year on year. Apart from preventive examinations or vaccinations, more and more often, we want to treat our pets as well as possible by providing them with access to qualified specialists. These are most often veterinarians, groomers, behaviourists and trainers, as well as pet groomers or pet sitters, who will take proper care of your pet while you are away.

Get an additional channel to promote your business and make appointments easily!

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Veterinarian in {miasto} examinating dog.

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