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Vet can quickly provide help to our pet – from diagnostics to immediate assistance. When you choose a doctor you should pay attention to his specialisation, experience, patients’ opinion and many other factors.

The fate of our pet is often linked with one veterinarian for years – we give you the opportunity to quickly and accurately choose the right medical care for your pet.

Some specific duties of a veterinarian may include:

  • Examining and treating sick or injured animals
  • Diagnosing and treating animal diseases
  • Prescribing and administering medication and other treatment
  • Performing surgeries and other procedures
  • Educating pet owners on how to care for their animals
  • Conducting research on animal health and diseases
  • Providing emergency care for animals
  • Consulting with other professionals, such as animal behaviorists or nutritionists, to provide the best care for animals

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